Blue Line Consultancy Ltd always seeks to tailor its training programmes to particular client needs.  Posted here are just a couple of our “off the shelf” programmes to help clients know where to start.

Our key question to clients is:  “If our training is a success what will your people be able to do better?”

The reply to that question helps us ensure that every course is specifically designed  to exceed client objectives.  We have an extensive competence framework and each course is matched against the appropriate competencies.

Blue Line Consultancy Ltd consultants are industry hardened professionals who understand how to make difficult concepts work in the global business environment.  They all have a track record of commercial success.

Our clients expect four things of our training:

  • It is enjoyable
  • It provides real world commercial education
  • It empowers and enables the learners
  • It represents a great return on investment

Every programme is developed according to these principles. 15 years of success proves our point.

Programmes to Download