This is another expensive book and maybe one you’ve not heard about. I’d think that this is just about the most thumbed book in my negotiation library and on a cost per visit basis represents just about the best value. Whenever I need some inspiration for my weekly tips I go here and never fail to find something that stimulates me. It’s a real encyclopedia of negotiation and if you’re only ever going to buy one negotiation book and use it for every topic then this book would do the job. Again it’s not an easy read…Leigh Thompson is no Herb Cohen… but the book’s none the worse for that. I’d suggest that you might like to buy this for the office bookshelf and make it sure it stays on your desk. I broke one of my personal rules with this book and went through it with a highlighter…I don’t normally like to deface books…but I knew that this would be a book I’d refer to constantly and I’m glad I made the effort. I could easily have placed this book number one on the list.