Please excuse me the vanity of recommending my own book but I’d be a pretty poor author if I didn’t think I’d written something worth reading. My collaborator, Paul Steele, and I set out to write a practical workbook for jobbing business negotiators. The book is set out in two sections. Paul wrote the first section which looks at the relationship management issues between buyer and seller. It contains excellent tools to help dimension buyer and seller relationships. It also contains a style inventory that will prove helpful. I wrote the second section which is a 20 chapter practical workbook. Each section contains exercises and opportunities to compare your own ideas with mine and to test yourself as you progress through the book. We’ve kept the theory down to a minimum and you’ve got the advantage of knowing that if you wish to continue the discussions started in the book then I’m available at to help, advise and discuss. If you’ve got a live negotiation to do this book will help you get ready…and I’ll back up that promise personally.