Career and Background

profilepicTom’s early career consisted of 8 years classroom teaching in London and Zambia followed by a move into sales management.  He became an area manager in the restaurant and hospitality business and had profit responsibility for 65 outlets.  This was then developed by a move into sales and negotiation training in the same market sector.

Tom’s first move into consultancy came when he joined a commercial consultancy 20 years ago.  With PMMS Consulting group He consulted with a large variety of international clients in all types of commercial topics.

Tom left to start his own consultancy company, Blue Line Consultancy Ltd, in 2005. He now has an office in London and Cape Town.  In December 2007 Tom joined Personal Strengths South Africa and launched the Strength Deployment Inventory SDI in Southern Africa as distributor and lead business negotiation consultant.

As a published author of 3 books on negotiation he is a well known expert on business negotiation and he travels regularly to talk at conferences and teach and present.

Work Profile

Tom’s work falls into 2 categories: commercial consultancy and the use of the Strength Deployment Inventory.

In his commercial consultancy the focus is on classroom training, live data consultancy and management coaching.  The main focus of this work centres on buyer/seller processes and the key issue of negotiation.

As a consultant coach to negotiation teams Tom has regularly created innovative value enhancing methods and ideas producing a long track record of success.  He has helped clients create enormous value beyond their initial objectives and to solve difficult business problems.

He has completed several billion dollar deals for clients across the globe and has a strong track record of value creation.

His current portfolio includes clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa,  He has consulted and trained in over 35 countries and has a truly international perspective in creating tools and techniques that help create value at the buyer/seller interface.

With SDI as the focus of work in Southern Africa Tom is now training and supporting a growing and thriving community of users with a focus on coaching and industrial psychology.  The combination commercial consultancy experience and the use of SDI is now creating excellent opportunities for buyers and sellers to understand better the interpersonal processes involved in their business life.

Recent Achievements

In the recent months some of Tom’s major clients and major projects have included:

  • Coaching a Dutch client to negotiate a $1 billion gas field maintenance contract.
  • Negotiating on behalf of a Hong Kong client to purchase communications equipment.
  • A change programme based in The Netherlands for over 100 international purchasing managers for an oil company using supply chain management as its key catalyst.
  • Negotiation workshops with a Melbourne based company that created $400,000 savings in one day.
  • Negotiation training with a New Zealand company that created audited savings in excess of programme fees before the end of the last day of training.
  • Sales Training for a shipping company throughout Africa.
  • The development of Supplier Development tools and techniques for a UK based airline.
  • Commercial awareness training for more than 5 international organisations in Hong Kong for both buyers and sellers.
  • Supply Chain workshops in South Africa.
  • CRM management in the advertising industry in New York.

Development and Consultancy Philosophy

Tom believes in taking a pragmatic and flexible view to business consultancy.  He believes in adding business benefit and increasing bottom line performance.

Much of this benefit is created by the efforts of individuals within organisations and Tom knows well the power of a motivated team.

As a trained teacher he understands how to make a subject easy to learn, remember and apply.  He teaches with good humour and makes his classroom an interactive and motivating place.  He uses innovative, creative learning materials maximising on “right side” brain activity wherever possible.

As an experienced commercial trainer, coach and consultant, whether using live data in a consultancy role or working in a development environment he understands the paramount need to create value and manage business relationships.

Tom has recently developed an online learning capability and has launched an “expert on demand” facility for clients requiring online support.

Tom has written a weekly newsletter “Negotiation Update” for over 8 years which is sent to a global audience of over 2500 people.  Click here to view the archives of these newsletters.

His first book, “Business Negotiation” was published by Gower in May, 1999.  His second book, “Great Negotiators” was published in 2006.  His third book, “Negotiate for Value” was published in February 2011.